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Embassy Attestation 



Crown Foreign Services Pvt. Ltd. Attestation & Apostille Application Center Provides Egypt Embassy Attestation, Arabic Translation, and Visa Stamping Services for Egypt in New Delhi, India.

Documents attestation for Egypt

EGYPT  Embassy Attestation/Legalizations

Egypt Embassy Attestation is required for many cases, like work/Job opportunities in Egypt. Any individual who is willing to work in Egypt has required the Egypt Embassy Attestation. 

Egypt is now a growing country in the world offering opportunities for Indians, for Employment inside Egypt, in the field of Engineering, medicine, or any other official non-official. so any person who is going to Egypt it's advisable to get the Egypt Embassy Attestation on their Educational or Non-Educational Certificates so they gain opportunity easily. 

The consular section in the Egypt Embassy, New Delhi operating Attestation for All types of Documents including Educational and Non-Educational they also accept commercial documents.

To get Egypt Embassy Attestation we have to follow their guidelines so that your case will not be rejected. 


Egypt Embassy Attestation for Educational & Non-Educational Certificates

If you're looking to enhance the credibility of your educational and work experience, look no further than Crown Foreign Services Private Limited in New Delhi. With our impeccable track record in providing prompt and reliable services, we specialize in assisting individuals in attaining the essential educational and work experience certificate attestation from the Egypt Embassy and Consulates. Our team of highly skilled professionals understands the significance of this process and is committed to guiding you through every step with utmost precision and efficiency. By entrusting us with your attestation needs, you can be assured of receiving authentic certificates that are recognized and accepted globally, opening the doors to endless opportunities. We take pride in our persuasive tone of voice, urging you to take advantage of our expert services, as we value your aspirations and strive to help you achieve your goals. Contact Crown Foreign Services Private Limited in New Delhi today to embark on your journey towards success.

Process for Attestation

1.You should have an original degree certificate or any other certificates duly attested from MEA(Ministry of External Affairs)

2.MEA Attested Certificates can be processed for The Egypt Embassy Attestation

Note: Both Educational and Non-Educational Certificates have the same Process.


Egypt Embassy  Attestation on Commercial Documents

Are you seeking hassle-free and reliable attestation services for your commercial documents from the Egypt Embassy and Consulates? Look no further! Crown Foreign Services Private Limited in New Delhi is your trusted partner for all your attestation needs. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and years of experience, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure a smooth and efficient attestation process. Our persuasive tone of voice is rooted in the understanding of your urgency and the importance of your commercial documents. We employ highly-trained professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of embassy and consulate protocols, enabling us to provide accurate and timely attestation services. Whether you require attestation for business contracts, invoices, or any other commercial document, our team at Crown Foreign Services Private Limited is dedicated to delivering excellence. We understand that every second counts in the business world, which is why we strive to streamline the attestation process for you, saving you time and energy. Trust us to handle your commercial document attestation from Egypt Embassy and Consulates, and experience the convenience and professionalism that sets Crown Foreign Services Private Limited apart. Contact us today for a hassle-free consultation and let us assist you in achieving your attestation goals.

Process for Commercial Document Attestation

1.You should have an original or copy of Commercial Documents or any other certificates duly attested from the respective Chamber of Commerce and MEA(Ministry of External Affairs)

2.MEA Attested documents can be processed for The Egypt Embassy Attestation



Educational Certificates Attestation from Egypt Embassy

Diploma and all other professional degree/certificates, Graduation Degree, Post-Graduation Degree, Doctorate Degree, Matriculation, Intermediate, Certificates, Transfer Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, Transcript Certificates, etc.

Non-Educational Certificates Attestation from Egypt Embassy

Work Experience Certificates, Birth Certificates, Affidavits, Marriage Certificates, Registration Certificates of professional bodies, Power of Attorney, Death Certificates, Migration Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Internship certificates, Police Clearance Certificates, Medical Certificates, etc.

Commercial Documents Attestation from Egypt Embassy

A business agreement, Dissolution of Business, Business Registration Certificate, Business Patent, Certificate of Origin, General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, No Objection Certificate, Income Tax Certificate, Sale Tax Certificate, Memorandum of Articles, Memorandum of Association, Government Approval Letters and all other certificates/documents relating to trade/business, Invoices, etc

Egypt Visa Stamping 

Egypt Transit Visa Stamping is Now Open in India as of 19/08/2021.

egypt e visa tourist

Collection & Delivery process:

1) You or your authorized representative can personally deliver the certificates in our office


2) You may also courier your documents to our office.

Mode of Payment:

You may wish to take any of the following routes for making the payment of required fees and service charges:

1) Send Cheque/Demand Drafts

2) Deposit cash in our bank account and mail the deposit receipt 3) Transfer the amount online through Net Banking

4) Debit/Credit card Accepted

5) Digital Wallet Payment Accepted

Why Choose us

Best services at affordable prices

Readiness to help you anytime 24*7**

Responding to your queries right away

Facilitating and providing services of Attestation/legalization of all documents/Certificates by all Embassies/High Commissions.


Attestation and Apostille Application Center    

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