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Embassy Attestation 


Germany: Apostille / Germany Embassy Attestation

Attestation of Documents from the German Embassy

Upon presentation of the originals, copies can be attested by the German Embassy in New Delhi. A copy of a non-authenticated document cannot be certified.

Documents required

- valid passport and proof of residence in the Embassy’s jurisdiction

- all original documents that need to be attested

- proof of the need for attestation (e.g. letter from a German university, medical council, etc.) : source Embassy Site.

Apostille is also valid in Germany.

Step 1 Authentication of Certificates from State Authentication Departments (MHRD), Home Departments, or GAD. This Authentication Office takes the original Certificates and after verification from the Issuing Institution puts seal and sign of authenticity, this is a government office under MHRD. It takes over 1 month to get certificates signed and stamped from HRD. except for few states like Uttar Pradesh. Documents Requirements for HRD

  1. Original Degree and Xerox

  2. Offer Letter / Admission Letter

  3. Passport Copy

  4. Photograph

  5. All Semester Marksheet Copy

  6. 10th + 12the certificates copy


Step 2 Once you received your Authenticated certificates from the respective department, you may apply for Apostille by MEA through any agency or agent by paying the fees charged. the apostille process is easy than the above-mentioned authentication process as it takes only 2 working days. Note: Direct Approach in MEA is not allowed for Individuals. Documents Required

  1. Original Authenticated Degree

  2. Passport Xerox

Note: France only Accepts apostille which is issued within 6 months. F.A.Q for Apostille

Collection & Delivery process: 1) You or your authorized representative can personally deliver the certificates to our office. 201, Bajaj House, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 2) You may also courier your documents to our office.

Mode of Payment: You may wish to take any of the following routes for making the payment of required fees and service charges:

1) Send Cheque/Demand Drafts

2) Deposit cash in our bank account and mail the deposit receipt

3) Transfer the amount online through Net Banking

4) Debit/Credit card Accepted

5) Digital Wallet Payment Accepted

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