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Embassy Attestation 


Ireland: Apostille and Embassy Attestation

Ireland is accepting Apostille, not an Embassy Attestation.

Ireland is the member of HCCH.
Ireland can only Legalize their own documents.

An Apostille is a certificate issued by the Ministry of External Affairs(M.E.A) to verify the genuineness of the signature of a government official.

Apostille Process for Ireland

Step 1

Delhi SDM is acceptable in Ireland.
  • Non-Educational: Documents should be attested from GAD/ Delhi SDM / Home Department

Delhi SDM is acceptable for Non-Educational Documents.

Step 2

  • Educational / Non-Educational / Commercial Documents: after Step 1, the documents shall apply for Apostille in Ministry of External Affiars Govt. of India (M.E.A).

Direct approach in M.E.A is not allowed for individuals. hire an agent/agency for the same.

Collection & Delivery process: 1) You or your authorized representative can personally deliver the certificates to our office. 2) You may also courier your documents to our office. Mode of Payment: You may wish to take any of the following routes for making the payment of required fees and service charges: 1) Send Cheque/Demand Drafts 2) Deposit cash in our bank account and mail the deposit receipt 3) Transfer the amount online through Net Banking 4) Debit/Credit card Accepted 5) Digital Wallet Payment Accepted Why Choose us Best services at affordable prices Readiness to help you anytime 24*7** Responding to your queries right away Facilitating and providing services of Attestation/legalization of all documents/Certificates by all Embassies/High Commissions.


Attestation and Apostille Application Center    

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